Advantages Of Using Colloidal Silver

Advantages Of Using Colloidal Silver
Advantages Of Using Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver water is touted as a natural antibiotic that can prevent infections. Sellers have claimed that colloidal silver water can cure or prevent diseases. In 1999 the Food and Drug Administration ruled that silver products as colloidal silver water can be sold as food supplements only if there are no health claims made for them. Opinions about the benefits of colloidal silver water is split. The medical community tends to warn against the use of colloidal silver water, claiming it to be potentially harmful. Meanwhile long time users and alternative medicine practitioners say it is harmless and effective when used correctly. Here is some information to help you draw your own conclusions

Silver has been used for healing and treatment of diseases so far back. as 4000 f. Kr. Eastern Persian records mention the practice of filling silver vessel with water. The Babylonians and Greeks used silver to disinfect. Romans used silver compounds for medical purposes. Silver continued to be used throughout the Middle Ages to treat open wounds in combat. Silver was held in milk to prevent spoilage before refrigerators were invented.

Proponents of colloidal silver water claim that the silver acts as a catalyst that disables an enzyme needed by unicellular viruses, fungi and bacteria to metabolize oxygen. Without this enzyme, these harmful organisms suffocate, leaving human enzymes or healthy parts of the body without harm. The Mayo Clinic says that there are no studies reported by reputable medical journals about the benefits of colloidal silver water. Most claims are anecdotal.

According to the Mayo Clinic, taking colloidal silver water can have many harmful side effects. One is the state of argyria, an irreversible discoloration of the skin-nails and gums turning a blue-gray color of intake too much silver. Argyria not cause any negative health issues and is rare. Other side effects include seizures or other neurological problems, indigestion, headache, fatigue and skin irritation. But one health study on silver by the Environmental Protection Agency says that the use “is probably without appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a lifetime.” This study also found no evidence that colloidal silver is a carcinogen, and that despite the frequent use of over the years, there have been no reports of colloidal silver cause cancer.

Buying Colloidal Silver Water
Colloidal silver water can be purchased over-the-counter at local drug stores or health food. Without regulation by the FDA, over-the-counter colloidal silver water can be contaminated or have varying amounts of silver. FDA has found the amount of silver listed on pre-made colloidal silver water can vary from 15. 2% to 124% of the amount listed on the label.

True colloidal silver water
colloid means particles in suspension, so colloidal silver that means there is silver nano-particles found in the water. Many products claiming to be colloidal silver does not contain silver particles, but instead consists of silver ions makes them silver solutions, not true colloidal silver. Ionic silver does not survive in the human body as silver particles that contain real colloidal silver water can. Most silver solutions mislabeled as colloidal silver is clear and colorless as water, stored in a glass bottle, and the glass is amber or cobalt blue because ionic silver are photosensitive.

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