What Makes People To Pass A Urine Test

What Makes People To Pass A Urine Test
What Makes People To Pass A Urine Test

urine tests for drugs are often given to people because of company policy or for insurance purposes before starting a job. urine tests can detect many different types of legal and illegal drugs, including heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamines. the only legitimate way for a person to pass a urine test is to not have any drugs in his or her system while taking the test. otherwise, there are ways to make it appear a person has passed a urine test, even although drug remains in his or her system. in most states and countries that have urine samples, these methods are considered illegal. at least, they can get a person fired if found out.

Some drugs are easier to rinse out of the system than others. a similar method is used to pass a drug test called dilute, is that when a person will only directly add water to the sample. this can make traces of drugs difficult to read during urine analysis, but it also changes the temperature of the sample. Most drug testing and drug screening equipment brands colder or warmer urine samples as those that have been tampered with.
Another common method of trying to pass a urine test is adulterating sample. This involves adding a foreign object into the sample to remove all signs of a drug. salt, soap, has ammonia and lye been used to nullify drugs found in a urine sample. this does not always work, and can be easily detected by more sophisticated tests.

a similar method to try and fake a drug test is masking. some legal drugs, such as acid neutralizing agents and aspirin, has been known to mask illicit drugs such as cannabis and opiates. just like adulterating, this technique is not very reliable, especially with more advanced tests for illegal drugs. some stores sell commercial products that advertise masking capabilities, but reliability of these products are often called into question, and they are not legal in many places.
one of the most common methods to pass a urine test is to use substitute urine one drug addict trying to pass a drug test will get urine from someone who is a drug addict and. hide it on his or her body, usually in a balloon, a plastic bag or a condom. when the time comes to take the drug test, log the user a clean urine into the container, passing it off as his or her own.

apart from the fact that this is illegal almost everywhere, there are many problems with this plan. urine outside of the body is not the same temperature as urine inside the body, and urine samples are always temperature tested. a urine sample that is too cold will almost always be suspect, smuggling and dumping urine into the sample cup is not easy either. many drug testing pat down searchers to look for smuggled urine, and some will also have staff present in the toilet to ensure that the applicant is urinating in the cup.


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