Weight Loss Rice Diet

Weight Loss Rice Diet
Weight Loss Rice Diet

The Rice Diet was developed by Walter Kempner, a German-born doctor who came to the United States and was employed at Duke University School of Medicine in 1934. It was during these years that he found that people who ate a diet centered around rice rarely had problems with hypertension, diabetes and weight. The Rice Diet is also concerned about limiting calories, salt, sugar and processed foods

Phases of the Rice Diet
The Rice Diet was originally conceived as a separate program. Clients can still go to Durham, North Carolina, clinic, but now you can participate from anywhere. Rice Diet participants go through three distinct phases of the program

Phase 1 -. The initial week phase of the Rice Diet is detox stage. It is quite restrictive, without salt or sugar, which helps flush the system. For most vegetables and rice, some no-fat dairy products and fruit. Day one is the basic Rice Diet (two starches, and two fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner). The remainder of the week following a lacto-vegetarian plan, which may include dairy products, but no eggs. For breakfast you have a starch, a non-fat dairy and a fruit. For the other two meals have three starch, wood vegetables and fruit

Phase 2 -. The second phase is the weight loss scene. This stage lasts until you reach your target weight. One day a week, do the two starches, two fruits approach. So it’s five days a lacto-vegetarian approach. But this time it’s a day where protein is introduced, including fish.

Phase 3 Once you hit your goal weight, you are in the maintenance phase. Keeping the weight off is where most dieters lose their way-you must find a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The earlier stages are very calorie-restrictive-under 1,000 calories-but now you can add an extra day out of three proteins, including more fish

Advantages and disadvantages
Experts say there are good and bad points of Rice. Diet. According to Toby Amidor, MS, RD, the severe calorie restriction will leave many people hungry. And the strict rules of no sodium and sugar will make it almost impossible to eat out. You will lose weight very quickly. So much so that you should consult your doctor as you follow the plan.

But Rice Diet focuses on many positive aspects of leading a health lifestyle. It teaches you about proper food portions and emphasizes whole grains, fruits and vegetables. And unlike most diets, the emphasis is on psychological well-being, with recommendations for meditation, rest and social support.

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