How To Use The Weight Watchers Flex Plan

How To Use The Weight Watchers Flex Plan
How To Use The Weight Watchers Flex Plan

The Weight Watchers Flex Plan has proven to be a very effective way to lose weight, while changing the way you look at food as well as eating habits for life. The Flex Plan is Weight Watchers’ most popular plan available

You need:. .
Weight Watchers Point Linder

Weight Watchers Point Booster.
Weight Watchers reference material.

Calculate Food Points


Calculate points of food using a Point Sufferers who you buy from Weight Watchers. To use Point Lider, you must know the amount of calories in food, total fat grams and the total dietary fiber grams.

Use Weight Watchers calculator to make it a little easier to calculate the points value. You can also buy this tool from Weight Watchers.

Look online or Weight Watchers books to find the point values ??if you do not have a nutritional label to work from or a way to calculate the food. Some sites have a way to look up foods to determine their value and Weight Watchers also has a book of common foods in them with their point values, and a book of common restaurant food.

Follow Flex Plan

Find the number of points you are allowed according to the Weight Watchers plan. Weight Watchers has a table to follow that goes by weight. For example, one that weighs 175 to 199 kg. , Is not nursing and is over 16 years for women and 19 for men will be allowed 24 points per day.

Understand that you will get a weekly points deduction of 35 that you can use anytime in addition to unemployment benefits. Spread it throughout the week, or spend it all at once-it does not matter.

Keep track of every point you consume in food and drink all day.

Exercise every day to boost weight loss and increase the number of points you can consume. Use Point Booster available from Weight Watchers to find out how many extra points you will get from how many minutes of exercise you did under your weight.

Tips and Warnings

Weight Watchers suggest exercising 30 minutes a day, eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day and two servings of dairy products, eat whole grains, have healthy oil each day such as flaxseed, canola, olive or sunflower, among others, limit the amount of sugar and alcohol you use, taking a multivitamin every day and drink at least six glasses of water daily.

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