Coenzyme Q10 User

Coenzyme Q10 User
Coenzyme Q10 User

Q10 is an enzyme produced naturally in the body that are essential for basic cell function, according to experts at the Mayo Clinic. The enzyme acts as a protective antioxidant to cells and used to generate energy for cell growth and maintenance. Studies indicate that CoQ10 tends to decline with age, so supplementing the body’s supply can have numerous health benefits. CoQ10 can be used to reduce inflammation, helps with heart-protective and cancer prevention, notes WebMD.

inflammation Reduction
If you increase the body’s intake of CoQ10 can help reduce overall inflammation in the body, according to Dr. Al Sears at Healthier Talk. A number of health problems are attributed to cell inflammation. Preliminary studies suggest that CoQ10 acts as a protective antioxidant, neutralizing the effects of free radicals in cells and reduce inflammation. High amounts of enzyme found in organ meats such as kidney, heart and liver.

Cardiac Protection
Adding a CoQ10 supplements to your diet can help to provide cardiovascular protection by lowering blood pressure, protect the heart muscle itself and speed the body’s recovery after exertion or strenuous exercise, according to WebMD. While the enzyme has been approved for use in Japan in cases of heart failure, it is still as controversial in the United States. Dr. Sears claims that CoQ10 can reverse heart disease.

Cancer Prevention
Dr. Sears also indicates that CoQ10 may put some cancers into remission. Studies showed an improvement in breast cancers by increasing CoQ10 enzyme levels in patients. For people who want to add CoQ10 diet without using supplements, high levels of the enzyme can also be found in sardines, soy oil, mackerel and peanuts.

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