Atkins Meal Ideas

Atkins Meal Ideas
Atkins Meal Ideas

The Atkins Diet Plan is rooted in the idea that reducing the intake of carbohydrates will cause the body to burn stored fat, leading to weight loss and overall good health. The diet uses three phases, depending on the progress and needs. With each phase, you can incorporate new foods and ingredients, allowing a broader diet for those who follow the plan in the long term.

Asian Style Stir Fry
Slice your favorite meat into thin strips, then your favorite vegetables from Atkins phase current list. Phase 1 dieters can enjoy bok choy, mushrooms, celery, onions and sugar snap peas. If you are in stage two, add sliced ??almonds and a little lime juice, in phase 3, add carrots.

Heat cold or expeller-pressed sesame oil in a wok or frying pan and add chopped fresh ginger and garlic. Cook the meat and vegetables into this mix. For well cooked vegetables, add all at once and cook until the meat cooks through. If you prefer more lightly cooked vegetables, as recommended under the Atkins plan, cook the meat first until it is almost ready, then add the vegetables one at a time, from the slowest to the fastest cooking varieties. Phase 2 Atkins diet can eat this roast with a small serving of brown rice. Tell your Atkins plan to determine the appropriate number of net carbs for your stage in your diet and adjust portion size accordingly. You can also add water chestnuts to roast this, but note that they will up the carb count quickly.

crustless Pizza
You do not have to give up the taste of pizza just because you reduce carbohydrates, no matter what stage of the Atkins diet you follow. Instead of feeling deprived, make yourself a pizza-flavored beef or chicken breast. Use all fresh ingredients (except olive) or checkbox elements to ensure that there is no added sugar.

Slice a chicken fillet or steak in half horizontally, so you end up with two large, flat pieces of meat. Brush the meat with olive oil that had basil and oregano steeped in it overnight, then grill, pan-fry or bake it. During the last 10 minutes of baking or when you are frying or grilling the other side, add pureed tomatoes with Italian seasoning on top, then sprinkle on a combination of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Top with your favorite Atkins-approved pizza toppings, such as olives, crumbled bacon, mushrooms and green peppers. In Phase 2, you can add extra mozzarella (up to 3 oz.), And in phase 3 you can add a slice of whole-grain pasta on the side, or have a personal size Atkins Diet-approved pizza with a full-grain crust.

Stuffed Pepper Salad
Sometimes the presentation may make the food feels more filling, and it is what to do with this veggie-heavy meal, suitable for all phases of the Atkins Diet.

Slice any color yellow peppers in half from the stem to the base, remove stem and seeds and place peppers aside. Chop jicama, cucumber, radishes and 1 oz. each of cheddar and Gouda cheese in small cubes, about 1/4 inch square. Add finely chopped boiled and chilled meat to this mixture as well. Beef or shrimp works particularly well. In Phase 2, you can add sunflower seeds and lime juice in the mix. In phase 3, add chickpeas and grapefruit.

Toss chopped mixture in 1 tablespoon each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, seasoned with salt, pepper and dill, if desired. Pour the mixture into the peppers “shell” and eat it cold. This meal tends to be high in vegetable carbohydrates, so make sure you balance it with more protein-heavy meals throughout the day.

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