What Are Taurine And Guarana?

What Are Taurine And Guarana?
What Are Taurine And Guarana?

Taurine and guarana are two of the most common active ingredients in energy drinks and weight-loss supplements sold on the US market. Taurine is an amino acid derivative found naturally in meat and fish, guarana is caffeine-producing plants native to South America. As caffeine, both drugs appear to have safe, relatively mild impact on the consumer. But as taurine and guarana become more ubiquitous, it is important to understand exactly what these drugs are

“Natural” taurine, or L-taurine, is produced by combining methionine, cysteine, and vitamin B-6. Synthetic taurine are obtained by the ethylene oxide reacts with sodium bisulfite. Guarana seeds are treated the same way as coffee beans are processed

positive effects
Taurine is already present in the body, function in the brain and heart ,. Helps important substances such as calcium and magnesium flow in and out of cell membranes. As a supplement, taurine is used to treat heart disease and high blood pressure, and it may be useful in treating eye and liver disease. Guarana is being studied for their potential effect as a weight loss aid and to prevent heart attacks and stroke. Researchers are also studying the potential antioxidant or antibacterial effects

Energy Drinks
Both taurine and guarana are common in the US energy drink market, for example, Red Bull prominent taurine as an active ingredient, and beverages like Vitamin Water utilize guarana. Taurine, however, have not been shown to increase energy, and in medicine, it is actually used as a mild sedative to treat epilepsy. Guarana has not been evaluated by the FDA, but is generally considered safe in beverages: South America gets more of its caffeine from guarana than from coffee and guarana drink outsell Coke beverages in Brazil

In drinks. , Is taurine often mixed with caffeine derived from guarana or other plants. Drinks combining taurine and caffeine has been associated with several cases of cardiac arrest, and although a definitive link is not found, have drinks like Red Bull yet been banned in countries such as Norway and France. Drinks that contain is guarana and taurine often combined with alcohol, which is unadvisable, mixing stimulants and sedatives have a proven negative effect on the heart. Guarana, because of its high caffeine content, is also unadvisable for those with an overactive thyroid, anxiety disorder or possible pregnancy. In addition, dietary weight loss containing taurine or guarana should always be considered carefully before use. When these supplements are not regulated by the FDA, contains many contaminated active ingredients or other potentially harmful substances.

taurine Misconceptions
Perhaps because of taurine association with Red Bull, an urban legend is formulated stating that taurine is extracted from bull urine and semen. Taurine found in both drugs, but neither bull urine or bull semen used to make processed taurine found in foods, supplements or energy drinks.

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