Eating Healthy When You Are Under Stress

Eating Healthy When You Are Under Stress
Eating Healthy When You Are Under Stress

A busy schedule and hectic lifestyle can take a toll on your eating habits. Many people develop unhealthy eating habits when they are under stress, but there are ways to make healthier choices and keep their energy levels to tackle the challenges ahead. Here are some ways to eat healthy when you are under stress

Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating for a good night’s sleep is important to keep your body fully charged. Choose complex carbohydrates like oatmeal with milk, or whole wheat toast with cheese for a positive start to the day. Breakfast reduces hunger and prevents unnecessary snacking.

Make coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant that can trigger a stress response, making it hard to calm down. Reduce or eliminate coffee during the day to make it easier for your body to adjust and stay in balance.

Create healthy versions of comfort food. Many people turn to high-fat foods and snacks for comfort during stressful situations. Cook or bake low fat and healthy options of your favorite foods and keep them on hand for difficult times.

Keep fruits and vegetables on hand. Cut up fruit wedges or vegetable sticks so you always have something crazy to snack on when you feel the need to snack. Most are low in fat and calories, and they can provide much more nutrition than processed snacks and junk food brought in last minute.

Learn to cook healthy food. Making dinner stressful for many people, but if you plan a creative and tasty meal, you will be less likely to order in or pick something from fast food drive-thru.

Snack on popcorn. Lightly salted, homemade popcorn is low in calories and can easily take care of crunchy or salty cravings during stressful times.

Do not eat when you’re not hungry. Stress is an emotional response that can put you in too vulnerable a position to make a rational choice. Learn how to find out real hunger from stress and anxiety.

Tips and Warnings

Create a meal plan each day can prevent overeating.
Eating balanced meals throughout the day makes you much less likely to choose unhealthy foods and snacks.

Regular exercise can help you reduce your stress levels naturally.
Learn to read nutrition labels of foods so you know which foods are unhealthy for you.

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