About Twinkies

About Twinkies
About Twinkies

A Twinkie is a cream-filled sponge cake produced by Hostess Foods. Twinkies are popular in the US and other parts of North America. Hostess Twinkies are an iconic junk food, over 500 million are sold every year, which has existed for decades History

The Twinkie was introduced in 1933 by the Continental Baking Company in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were invented by James Dewar as a way to use machines for filling Strawberry Shortcake when strawberries were out of season. Although the initial filling was banana flavored, cream filling was eventually changed to vanilla.
manufacturing Process

The Twinkie cakes are baked in molds. The cream filling is injected at several points from the bottom of the finished cakes. When filled, they are placed on waxed paper and packaged for sale.

A package of Twinkies contains two cakes. These two cakes contains 300 calories with 90 calories be from fat. They contain 16 percent of US recommended daily allowance (RDA) of total fat and 20 percent of the U. S. RDA of saturated fat. The two cakes contains 14 percent of the RDA of cholesterol and 16 percent of the recommended dietary amount of salt.
Culinary Uses

There are many recipes for desserts made with Twinkies. Two of the most common is breaded, deep fried Twinkies and chocolate covered Twinkies.
Shelf Life

Twinkies are the stuff of urban legend. Twinkies are known to have a shelf life ranging from several months to hundreds of years. Some myths say that never Twinkies decompose. The shelf life of a package of Twinkies is 25 days, according Mythbuster Snopes.

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