Tooth Mobility

Tooth Mobility
Tooth Mobility

tooth mobility refers to the movement of loose teeth in their sockets. primarily caused by gum disease and trauma, loose teeth are often an indicator of a larger dental problem. treatment involves identifying and addressing the cause tooth mobility. If caught early enough, loose teeth made fast again.

Aside from the loss of baby teeth, the gum disease is the most common cause of tooth mobility. also called periodontal disease, it begins with a bacterial infection. If untreated, the inflammation eventually destroys the gum tissue, spread to the tissue between teeth and bones, and eventually destroys the bone itself. Gum disease attacks the whole foundation that normally keeps teeth fixed.
mobility caused by gum disease, scaling and root planting procedures are often used to remove bacteria and stimulate growth of healthy gums. if receding gums is a problem, a graft may be required to secure the shaky teeth. successful treatment of gum disease will firm up loose teeth. in the case of very advanced gum disease, it may be any other treatment option but to remove the tooth. a dentist may recommend dental implants or bridge work to replace the missing tooth.

The other major cause of tooth mobility is trauma to the tooth. damage suffered as a result of an accident or a sporting event is a source of trauma. a loose tooth as a result of force will usually stuck up on your own if your gums are healthy. chew directly with the tooth should be avoided to allow the damaged tooth to rest. If the tooth is very loose, or if mobility ailments patient tooth can splinted to the firm, the neighboring teeth with a thin wire.
Another source is chronic clenching or grinding of teeth, called bruxism. displacement is another cause of mobile teeth. also called malocclusion, set this condition uneven pressure on certain teeth when chewing, and over time weakens the support bones and teeth. teeth which are loose due to grinding or clenching are often protected using a mouth guard. orthodontic treatment may be needed to correct tooth mobility caused by malocclusion.

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