High Protein Foods To Gain Muscle

High Protein Foods To Gain Muscle
High Protein Foods To Gain Muscle

To gain muscle you must provide your body with nutrients necessary to build these structures. Proper muscle building means you must first tear the muscle through exercise and feeds muscles proteins through diet. A muscle consists of mainly amino acids are replaced by amino acids from protein rich foods. High protein foods along with a muscle-building diet can help supply the body with ingredients to properly build muscle and provide it with adequate nutrition.

vegetarian Options
Addressing vegetarian options for high protein foods are needed in a world that is constantly expanding its vegetarian ranks. Soybeans are one of the best sources of vegetarian protein. Other beans and peas are also high in protein.

Nuts like cashews, peanuts or sunflower seeds can also provide significant amounts of protein for a vegetarian diet. Place these on top of salads, in noodle based recipes or stir-fried vegetables to increase protein value of a meal. Vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and green vegetables pack a high protein content average of 35 percent or more of calories from proteins averaged according to build muscle and burn fat website.

Other High Protein Foods
Eggs are another source of protein that can help build muscle. Eggs have been used by many designer protein makers for their products. Egg package average 6 grams protein per egg. Be aware, however, eggs can give us a significant amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) and eating too many egg yolks can cause a spike cholesterol in the body.

Other forms of protein include lean meats like chicken, fish and turkey. Fish also contains fatty acids omega 3 is beneficial for digestion and other functions. Pork and beef also provide significant amounts of protein, but has some unhealthy side effects that do not make them the optimal choice. Dairy products like milk and cheese can help to increase the protein in one meal to repair muscle and strength growth. All in all, each of the above foods helps to provide high protein in the body that will help build, maintain and repair muscles according to the website High Protein Foods.

designer Protein
Many designer proteins are made for the specific needs of muscle growth. These come in the form of whey protein and other designer styles and flavors. They often provide the perfect amount of protein to supplement muscle healing and growth if taken immediately after exercise. These proteins can be obtained at health and fitness stores. Talk to a doctor before starting new diet, fitness, exercise or nutrition programs.

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