Care And Use Of Mic-key Button Feeding Tube

Care And Use Of Mic-key Button Feeding Tube
Care And Use Of Mic-key Button Feeding Tube

There are many people who are unable to take enough food or food by mouth. This is often caused by a neurological condition such as a brain injury. Other medical conditions also make adequate intake impossible. In these cases, a gastrostomy (an opening in the skin that goes directly into the stomach) located. A port in the hole makes it possible to keep the area open so feedings may be given. Such a port is called a MIC-KEY Low Profile feeding tube

The MIC-KEY button must be changed every two months or when in becomes loose skin or leaking. The button should spin freely, but do not go too far away gastrostomy site. When the user is accustomed to how it should feel, it’s easy to tell when the MIC-KEY should be replaced. It is important to keep a supply of extra buttons handy. An extension kit is connected to the button to access the port and deliver food or medicine. It locks in place and can also be used to ventilate excessive air from the stomach. The prescribed formula is required along with syringes.

gastrostomy Site
Keep the skin around the MIC-KEY button clean and dry. Some users place gauze around to protect the skin. The manufacturer says that the bandage is not required, but recommended cleaning and inspecting the area daily.

Before each feeding, should the position of the button is checked by connecting extension and a syringe filled with 10 ml of water. Pull back on the syringe to make sure that you are able to suction the stomach contents. When the stomach contents are visible, flush water back into the button. Depending fu00F4ringsutstyr, the formula provided by the bolus (during the short time) or by a delivery pump for a long time. They are just as effective, but some people tolerate one or the other better.

Medications should be in liquid form. If pills or capsules is necessary to check with your pharmacist to see if it is safe to crush them and diluted with water for administration through the MIC-KEY. Using a luer slip syringe, it is possible to inject medication directly into MIC-KEY without connecting an extension.

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