Most Common Types Of Vision Tests

Most Common Types Of Vision Tests
Most Common Types Of Vision Tests

shared vision tests include ColorVision tests, break tests, visual acuity tests and visual field tests. all these tests may be administered during a routine eye exam and some are performed during a regular physical to check for vision changes in a patient, determine if a referral to a vision specialist is necessary. These tests are repeated on a regular basis with the goal of identifying vision problems early so they can be treated before complications arise.

visual acuity tests involve seeing how well people can distinguish objects as letters or numbers at different distances. The classic form is eye chart on the wall, where people are asked to read the chart and note is taken of the past legible letters for the patient. people who can not read can be given visual acuity tests involving identification of characters and objects on a chart or cards, allowing doctors to diagnose vision problems in young children. second vision tests for acuity include options that Amsler grid used to control macular degeneration.
Visual field tests, the goal is to see how much peripheral vision is available to the patient. doctors can perform this test only by standing in front of the patient and move a goal like a finger from left to right. patient reports when the finger is no longer visible, and the doctor may take note of the point where it moved out of the patient’s visual field. changes in peripheral vision identified under vision tests may be a sign of damage to the eyes or surrounding structures.

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