How To Slim Down On A McDonald’s Diet

How To Slim Down On A McDonald’s Diet
How To Slim Down On A McDonald’s Diet

Are you crunhed currently, but not quite ready to starve tour self. Are you constantly on the go without enough time to prepare meals. Do you crave MCD’s chips, but know very well that you can stand to lose a few or more pounds? It is possible to eat a semi-balanced meal at the golden arches, you just have to know what to eat

You need:!.
Some form of payment (they accept cash, credit and debit cards)



In the morning, eat a healthy, low-fat breakfast. A half cup (make sure it has less than 200 calories) of cerial with milk, fruit and yogurt is suitable on-the-go breakfast.

For lunch, stop by McDonald’s drive-thru

Select one of the following entrees :. . .

Any grilled snacks wrap, Regular hamburger or cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets (4 or 6 pieces) with either chipotle bbq, spicy buffalo or honey mustard dipping sauce (no ranch), Southwest or Asian salad with chicken, Bacon Ranch or Caesar Salad with or without grilled chicken, or a fruit salad Walnut. For salads, choose either balsamic vinaigrette or low-fat Italian dressing. .

Choose a page element :. .
Small fries or chocolate, sugar, or oatmeal cookie


Choose a drink (small or medium-sized, unless stated):
Any diet soda, apple juice, milk, small sprite, small Hi-C, or small PowerAide Mountain Blast,


Eat a well-balanced, low-fat dinner. If you have to hit McDonalds drive-thru again, select one of the aforementioned items lunch.

Exercise every other day or 3-4 days a week.

Tips and Warnings

Try the diet for a week and record the results.
Ask your doctor for a check-up if you feel any negative affetcs that you feel can be attributed to food intake.

Avoid eating some menu items items not mentioned above, while the diet.
Avoid drinking sweet tea while on this diet.

There are no known scientific evidence that proves that McDonald’s diet works or that it is healthy.
There is no known evidence that McDonald’s diet does not work.

This diet is composed based on the caloric and fat content of McDonald’s menu items.

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