Eating Chocolate To Lose Weight

Eating Chocolate To Lose Weight
Eating Chocolate To Lose Weight

Chocolate is so good for your body as it is delicious to the palate. Joy features chocolate has never been a secret. Not only is it tasty, but we have come to discover connections between chocolate and mood, as well as chocolate and cholesterol. Alas, if it could only be a weight loss aid. Wait! It is! It has been found that the link between chocolate and cholesterol have a positive impact on reduction of body fat around the midsection. In this article you will learn a little about how it works and how to make it work for you.

To consider chocolate as healthy addition to your diet you must first understand its effect on the body. Dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate are sources of monounsaturated fats. This type of fat, often known as a MUFA, has a positive effect on the body and has been proven in studies to cause more weight loss than a typical low-fat diet. Monounsaturated fats have a different chemical composition than other fats and take on a liquid at body temperature. So where other fats have a hardening effect on the liver and cause clogging of the arteries with fat, it MUFAs actually soften the liver allowing it to better do its job of excreting the bad things from your body. Without MUFA means, the toxins and fats grab and do not get eliminated from the body, thus formed fats resulting in an extended midsection. As a bonus, monounsaturated fats also promote LDL (good cholesterol) which hunts down HDL (bad cholesterol) and quickly ushers it to the liver where it can be excreted most efficiently.

Add a serving of dark or semi sweet chocolate to every meal. One serving equals 1/4 cup. The monounsaturated fat from chocolate will ensure that food processes efficiently.

Eat 4 or 5 small meals per day rather than three larger meals. Smaller meals are easier for the body to digest and more frequent food gives your body a constant energy source. To reduce belly fat and tighten up the waist line you do not have to count calories or make any changes other than the addition of the dark or semi-sweet chocolate. If you have a larger weight loss goals, reduce calories as well as some splurges from your diet such as soda or chips.

Exercise for 30 minutes per day for maximum results. Adding chocolate will reduce fat around the midsection even without exercising, but exercise is recommended in any case for additional health benefits.

Tips and Warnings

Studies have also shown chocolate to boost metabolism and burn fat for hours when digested in the morning. Try adding semi sweet chocolate chips to oatmeal or make low-sugar oatmeal chocolate cookies for breakfast to eat fruit.
Stick to the correct serving amount. Chocolate is still a fat and improper use will lead to weight gain. Only dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate have these health benefits. Milk chocolate or other chocolate will just add fat and calorie intake for the day while providing no additional benefits.

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