How To Help The Elderly With Nutrition

How To Help The Elderly With Nutrition
How To Help The Elderly With Nutrition

If you know someone who is older, you may be concerned about whether or not that individual gets adequate nutrition since getting good nutrition is important for senior, so he or she can maintain a healthy mind and body. Get good nutrition can actually help a senior to improve various chronic health problems, and may reduce the risk debilitating illness that he or she can develop. With the implementation of a few simple steps, you can ensure that an older person gets the right amount of minerals and vitamins in your diet to stay healthy.

You need:

. Medical evaluation.
Approved vitamin supplement.

Dental checkup.
Food delivery service.

Transport service.
Government Food Assistance Program.

Brown rice.
Whole wheat bread.

Whole grain cereals.


Fresh vegetables and fruit.

Low-calorie sauces.
Low fat dressings.


Whiteboard marker.


Get written permission to speak on behalf of the elderly. Set up an appointment for the senior to see a medical professional, go to deal with the senior to ensure that the right questions are asked when you talk with your doctor. Get an evaluation of senior’s dietary practices

Ask your doctor about whether senior their medications causing difficulties with nutrient absorption, digestion, or appetite ,. . If so, look to have the drugs changed if possible. Ask your doctor to approve an appropriate daily vitamin supplements that will not interact with senior existing medications.

Take senior dentist for an evaluation to assess the state of his or her teeth and gums ,. If you experience problems related to chewing, the problems corrected so that the senior can eat without problems.

Sign the senior up for a certified food delivery service so that senior may have balanced, food delivered to his or her home. Sign up for senior transportation services or providing transportation even if the senior needs a way to get to and from the local grocery store to shop.

Contact your local department of social services to find out about the Food Stamp eligible to assist with financial expense of food. Help senior gather the necessary documentation and filling out the Food Stamp program. Submit application for approval.

Go shopping with senior and ensure that he or she gets plenty of grains like wheat bread, oats, whole grain cereals and brown rice in your diet. Ensure that senior also become black and green olives, avocados, nuts and getting healthy monounsaturated fat incorporated into his or diet, add fresh vegetables and fresh fruit to food shopping list instead of selecting canned varieties.

Get sauces, dressings light, and spices while shopping with senior to dress up boring enjoy dishes and to make the food more appealing to him or her.

Help senior set up an eating charts to document what he or she eats, and to be aware of what time of senior eat to ensure three meals a day are consumed. Get senior a blackboard and whiteboard marker that can be used to track daily food intake and to make a list of foods he or she needs to replace the next time he or she shops.

Tips and Warnings

be alone when eating is a major contributor to poor nutrition. Have senior schedule some time with friends and relatives, so that he or she is not eating alone. You can also call a senior at the same time every day to remind him or her that it’s meal and to ensure that he or she eats the same time each day to form good eating habits.
Rapid weight loss, especially when they are eating healthy and consuming a well-balanced number of calories every day can be an indication of a serious health condition. If you notice rapid weight loss in senior, schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. If you include a new food in senior diet and senior exhibits allergic reactions, should senior stop eating the food, and he or she should contact a medical professional. Signs of a reaction include swelling of the tongue, throat, and face, as well as the development of a rash, nausea and vomiting.

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