How To Get A Doctor’s Approval For Weight Loss Surgery

How To Get A Doctor’s Approval For Weight Loss Surgery
How To Get A Doctor’s Approval For Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can offer truly obese people the opportunity to not only lose weight but also to start a new, healthier lifestyle. It may seem like an easy solution to your weight problems but not everyone is a candidate for the procedure. When considering weight loss surgery, you must first discuss candidacy with your doctor. You must get your doctor’s approval to proceed with surgery. You can help speed up this process by understanding what your doctor should consider when pondering this request.

You need:
Medical records

. Therapist.


Explain to the doctor in detail why traditional diet and a consistent exercise regime has not produced the weight loss results you want. It is important to provide examples of specific diets and exercise routines that you tried to prove your sincere attempt these weight loss methods.

Express your commitment to make the necessary lifestyle change after surgery. People who have historically struggled to achieve a healthy lifestyle can still have trouble keeping weight off after surgery. It is important to explain how to avoid falling into an unhealthy pattern again.

Communicate your desire to visit with a therapist for help in preparing mentally for the surgery and for help in pursuing a healthier lifestyle when the operation is complete. A therapist can help you determine the source of your bad habits.

Prove your understanding of the principles involved with surgery to get a doctor’s approval. This includes procedure, recovery time, side effects and after surgery requirements.

Offer proof of your medial history (if not on file) to your doctor. You will not be able to get a doctor’s approval unless you are healthy enough to withstand surgery.

Tips and Warnings

Most doctors will only consider surgery for people who really are obese, which means they have body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more. A BMI of 35 to 39.9 may be considered if the patient also has an obesity-related health problems. Calculate your own body mass index with help from the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute (see Resources below).

Do not assume that your doctor is an expert in weight loss surgery. Be armed with your own research to fill him in on what you are considering.

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