Svelte Diet

Svelte Diet
Svelte Diet

The svelte Weight Loss Plan was developed by Florida-based physician Dr. Richard Bragg. The concept is to get control over the varying levels of insulin in the body that affect craving for sugar and carbohydrates. This is achieved by a combination of appetite suppressants, diet, vitamin injections and medical supervision

first phase
A first consultation involves the measurement of blood pressure, body fat percentage and the present weight, along with blood screening. Using prescription medications, vitamin injections, diet plans and weekly guidance, the development of weight loss is followed to the target weight is achieved.

second phase
Bragg call this the Transitional steps to oppnĺ”Zone Wellness. ” Weekly supervision reinforces the participant’s desire to maintain body weight achieved through the program. It will be continuously checks of blood pressure, weight and body fat percentage, along with vitamin injections and medications.

third phase
This is known as Long-Term Care Step. Continuous monitoring on a monthly basis helps prevent regression and weight gain. Participants receive the information and encouragement needed to live i”sonen. ”

Although claims a high success rate, Bragg says that this regime can not work for everyone. He notes in his application that just as obesity leads to a higher risk of health problems, so that the use of appetite suppressants and other medications can have side effects that can, at times, be serious or fatal.

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