Nutrition For A Chemotherapy Patient

Nutrition For A Chemotherapy Patient
Nutrition For A Chemotherapy Patient

Nutrition is important for everyone, but even more so if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy, can take its toll, and the stronger and more nutritionally fortified you are, the better you will be able to tolerate treatments

Dealing with No Appetite
Nausea is a common side effect of toxic chemicals pumped into the body to destroy cancer cells. Learning to deal with nausea and make sure to get adequate nutrition takes some time and a lot of determination.

Your oncologist may recommend a liquid diet for those days you just can not stomach the thought of eating solid food. A liquid diet consists of clear liquids such as broth, tea, coffee or popsicles or Jell-o. Clear juices such as apple juice is also recommended. A full liquid diet includes clear and cream soups, milk, yogurt and hot cereal, if you can tolerate them. Because chemotherapy often causes more side effects like dry mouth and difficulty swallowing, are liquid diets recommended after chemotherapy treatments.

Soft Diets
After the worst nausea has passed, can withstand a soft-food diet. A soft-food diet is one that is free from raw vegetables and fruits, all with a skin (such as potatoes and apples) and nuts. This diet is also preferable if you suffer from another side effect of chemotherapy, constipation caused by pain and anti-nausea drugs.

Deciding on Dairy
While chemotherapy may have problems tolerate milk products or products that contain lactose. Therefore, you should avoid cream soups, milk, cheese, yogurt or puddings that contain lactose. You can find lactose-free milk products at most major grocery stores. This type of diet is also recommended if you have diarrhea, bloating or gas.

Because chemotherapy can be quiet exhausting, doctors and oncologists often recommend supplements in the form of nutritional drinks such as Boost. They would also suggest that you eat foods that provide high calorie count. Your doctor may also prescribe calorie booster powder to be added to food in order to prevent excessive weight loss, another common side effect of chemotherapy.

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