How To Stay Awake Without Drinking Coffee

How To Stay Awake Without Drinking Coffee
How To Stay Awake Without Drinking Coffee

We all hate to drink too much coffee, it makes us nervous and we get a crash later. Here are some ways to stay awake without drinking coffee. Caffeine can have negative health consequences, especially when consumed in large quantities. Coffee chains like Starbucks has contributed to the problem by serving drinks with very high amounts of caffeine

Try stretching the first morning. Get out of bed and spend 5 minutes stretching. This gets circulation going and will make you feel more alert and refreshed.

Go outside. Get a bit of cool air in the morning can do wonders to make you feel more awake. Who needs to caffeinate when you have Mother Nature?

Try to eat hot peppers like jalapenos. Spicy foods get the endorphins running in your body and can have an awakening effect similar to caffeine.

Try non-caffeine products like 5-Hour Energy. 5 hours Energy works by giving you a boost in B vitamins, which some say makes them feel more alert and awake.

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