How To Distinguish Between Organic And Pesticide-free Vegetables

How To Distinguish Between Organic And Pesticide-free Vegetables
How To Distinguish Between Organic And Pesticide-free Vegetables

With all the labels on raw materials, it is difficult to say what is what in the organic aisle at your grocery store. Here’s a quick guide to keep you straight

Pesticide-free fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers. Ordinarily, given this label if the farmer is not organic certified, or are too small to afford the certification process. Still want your produce manager you should know that this farmer’s product integrity.

Organic means that farmers’ practices are within certification policies. The organic label does not mean that farmers use sustainable farming practices, which increases the life of our country. The five-digit PLU label on organic fruits and vegetables will start with a

Sustainable agriculture “9”:. Large factory farms now produce in ecological guidelines, but do not practice farming techniques that increase the life of our ecosystem and nutritional values ??of their foods. Sustainable farmers also seek to increase the nutrients in food by producing healthier soil and increase the life of our ecosystem. Traditional agricultural practices dramatically deplete or eliminate nutrients in the soil. This means that the plants are completely dependent on fertilizer for all nutrition’s. Therefore, the fruit of the plant only nutrients available in manure. Traditionally-grown fruits and vegetables can literally missing up to 65% of their potential in nutrients. Farmers with sustainable farm practices work for their products to reach their full potential nutritional, with practices that increase Microbiotic life in their soil.

Ask produce manager when you have a question. The only way to be an educated consumer is to take action on their own behalf. A good produce manager will be happy to share their knowledge with you. A poor produce manager will lose confidence and enterprise.

Learn more by checking Slow Food USA. This site is dedicated to consumer education and re-establishing biodiversity of food crops. Some plants, such as tomatoes, have lost up to 95% of the variety of species. See Resources below for a link.

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