Healthy Diet Foods For Breastfeeding Moms

Healthy Diet Foods For Breastfeeding Moms
Healthy Diet Foods For Breastfeeding Moms

If you’re like most mothers, you are anxious to lose the baby weight as soon as you give birth. A great way to lose weight is to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding burns an additional 500 calories per day. It is important to eat the right foods while breastfeeding to ensure that you get proper nutrition while trying to lose weight

restoring Body
Your body has most likely been emptied of some vital nutrient stores thanks to pregnancy. Now that you have given birth, it is important to replenish these nutrients. You will feel better and be able to give your child more complete nutrition through breast milk.

What to eat
Eat a balanced diet. You should eat at least 1,800 calories per day. If you eat too few calories, you will be tired, poor milk production and lose weight too quickly (which also leads to poor milk production).

Eat a diet rich in whole grains, lean protein, eggs, dairy products, beans, vegetables, fruits and nuts or seeds (if your pediatrician says it’s okay). You should eat a little more protein than normal to help your body provide the protein that your baby needs. It will also help you feel full longer.

Whole grains provide fiber and other nutrients while helping you feel full. Fruits and vegetables provide tons of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is best to eat either fresh or frozen fruit since canned fruits often have a lot of sugar added to them. Try to eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables since these are particularly high in nutrients, including calcium.

You can eat fish, but be careful not to eat more than two or three times a week because of potential mercury contamination.

Foods to limit or avoid
It may be wise to avoid peanuts and peanut products while nursing although this has not been proven to completely prevent peanut allergy. You should limit caffeine to just one or two cups a day. Also limit alcoholic beverages. Try to drink any alcohol four hours before to care again so that alcohol not be excreted into the milk.

Pay attention to your baby
Try to pay attention to what you eat, especially if you start to notice that your baby has times when he is excessively gassy or uncomfortable. Some foods that are common triggers of discomfort are dairy products, garlic, beans and broccoli. Talk to your doctor about cutting these foods if you suspect they may be causing your child discomfort.

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