High Protein Foods

High Protein Foods
High Protein Foods

The body needs protein to function at maximum potential. Protein is found in foods from animals and plants. Protein-rich foods provide the body with the essential amino acids to build muscle, which assists in strength and movement. Protein is also necessary for proper blood circulation

Fish can be an excellent source of protein that is also low in fat and calories. Cod, salmon, tuna and sole contains large amounts of protein. Baking and grilling are both healthy ways to prepare fish.

Chicken is also high in protein. Although all parts of a chicken is composed of protein, contains chest the highest amount. Other types of poultry are turkey, goose, duck and emu.

Beans and legumes
Health conscience people, bodybuilders, vegetarians and vegans take advantage of consumer beans. There is an abundance to choose from. Select Fava, navy, black and lentils.

A serving of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and cashews, are a source of protein. Keep your daily sodium intake down by consuming unsalted nuts.

Eat eggs scrambled, boiled or poached. You can eat whole eggs or just egg whites. Eat at least two if you eat egg whites only. Egg yolk contains both protein and saturated fat.

Beef contains large amounts of protein but also can be loaded with saturated fat. If you eat red meat, choose lean cuts and eat in moderate portions and only occasionally.

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