Eating Healthy On Red Lobster

Eating Healthy On Red Lobster
Eating Healthy On Red Lobster

Seafood is just not what it used to be. On the one hand, we hear needs our diets in Omega-3s found in fish. On the other hand we hear that since PCB and mercury levels in fish are too high, maybe we should not eat it. If you love seafood and want to eat healthy on Red Lobster, here are some ideas on what menu item you should make

Choose Apple Walnut Chicken Salad and makes life easy. You will not find high mercury levels in this court. Field greens, grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, apples, toasted walnuts and blue cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing is not just something healthy but tasty, too.

Try Red Lobster’s Lighthouse Menu. Order grilled chicken breast and sides of steamed broccoli without butter or cheese sauce and wild rice pilaf.

Order tilapia fish at Lighthouse Menu and pages mentioned above. Tilapia has one of the lowest levels of mercury of all fish.

Choose salmon from Lighthouse menu if you are not a woman of childbearing age, or a child, and enjoy it. You need omega-3 oils anyway. Some fish added to the diet once a week or so it may be better than no fish at all. Salmon is one of the better choices.

Enjoy shrimp and crab with the melted butter dip. However, be careful of lobster, North American lobsters have mercury levels close to those in canned tuna

Take a good fish oil that has high standards of purity before going to. . Restaurant so you do not feel tempted to get Omega-3s from fish. See the Resources section below for fish oil sources.

Do grilled. Avoid fried and lots of butter, which can be found in abundance at Red Lobster. Stay away from the white bread, alcoholic beverages and desserts

the ambiance of Red Lobster :. . The dark forest, sea nets, shells and live lobsters in aquariums. Reminisce about how not long ago our seas were not so polluted, and we could enjoy eating crustaceans and deep sea fishing almost with abandon.

Tips and Warnings

A 2004 FDA advisory warned people to not eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel or Tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury.

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