Bodybuilder Diet

Bodybuilder Diet
Bodybuilder Diet

People who pursue challenging lifestyle bodybuilding know that only half of the work is done in the gym. The other half takes place outside the gym, where proper nutrition is important to ensure healthy muscle growth with minimal fat gain. Thus diet X-factor that can make or break your dream of having huge muscles. The following is a list of dietary recommendations to make your dream a reality

Clean Food for Clean Gains
The No. 1 rule for a bodybuilding diet is that calories consumed exceed calories burned body to have enough surplus “fuel” to considering building muscle mass. For a machine to run properly, it must have the recommended fuel and your body is no different. So, a caloric surplus of ice cream does not have the same effect on body composition as a calorie surplus of lean meats, fruits and vegetables. The body will do the best on the cleanest “fuel” possible. So while you have to eat big to get muscles, you also need to eat smart to avoid getting large amounts of fat.

7 rules for good nutrition
The 7 Rules with nutritionist Dr. John Berardi provide a “wake-up call” to people who want to fuel their bodies in the most efficient manner. Berardi trains individuals ranging from professional athletes to ordinary men and women, and the one thing all their nutritional programs have in common is strict compliance with the 7 rules.

1) consume small meals every 2 to 3 hours.

2) Consume lean protein with every meal -. meat, chicken, fish, eggs
3) Consume fruits and vegetables at every meal

4) Only eat carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables ,. except during the post workout meal.
5) Take at least 25 percent of calories from fat, like animal fats and natural fats (avocado), and oils such as fish, flax, and olive.

6) Drink only zero-calorie drinks
7) No liquid nutrition -. only regular meals (except for post workout meal)

Measuring Progress
Everyone wants to know how fast they are going to get and. how best to measure progress. The most basic way is to keep a daily food log of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates. Aim to get around 1-2 pounds each week. Consider this every two weeks. If you’re not getting on schedule, increase your daily calories by 200 and then reevaluate in two weeks. Continue this until you are hitting your targets.

Bodybuilding progress is slow and steady. By following the 7 rules and rates on affordable mass gains, you can minimize the likelihood of adding unwanted fat to frame.

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