3 Day Cleansing Diet Recipe

3 Day Cleansing Diet Recipe
3 Day Cleansing Diet Recipe

Frustrated with weight loss regime? Feeling sluggish and tired? Flying start on weight loss program or just improve your health with a 3-day cleanse that will put you on the fast track to feeling your best. Use this simple and effective cleansing recipe three to four times a year to detoxify and rejuvenate your body

3-Day Cleanse Ingredients
Gather the following ingredients for this 3-day cleansing diet:

100 percent whole leaf aloe vera juice

Prune juice (not from concentrate)
Apple juice (not from concentrate)

fresh lemons
flaxseed oil

fresh ginger
distilled water

Raw apples (optional)
Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula (optional)

Senna tea (optional)
Psyllium husk powder (optional)

First thing in the morning, drink 14 to 16 oz. of prune juice to stimulate the gut and pull toxic waste out of your body to be eliminated. Whenever possible, choose organic juices, and avoid juice as reconstituted or artificially sweetened. Only 100 percent juice is beneficial for a cleanse.

Drink your morning juice slowly, swishing every sip in your mouth for a few seconds in order to facilitate better digestion.

During the day, alternate 8-oz. glass apple juice and lemon ginger water (distilled water with fresh squeezed lemon and grated fresh ginger, as tasty).

Do not drink liquids too quickly. This can lead to nausea or disturb electrolyte balance in your body. Pace yourself. At the end of the day, you should consume about 64 oz. of apple juice and the same section in lemon ginger water. This amount may vary depending on your body weight and size.

During the day, eat two extra oz. Aloe Vera juice for a total of 4 oz. per day. Aloe Vera supports intestinal and bowel health by preventing constipation and encourage healthy digestion.

Taking 1 tbsp. of linseed oil twice daily will help to lubricate the biliary tract and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

If you are hungry all day, you can eat fresh apples as often as desired. No other foods recommended during the cleanse.

Consult your doctor to determine if a cleanse diet is right for you.

Cleansing symptoms may include diarrhea, constipation, headache, nausea and fatigue. Remember to always follow your body’s signals, and consult a medical expert if you experience something that worries you during the cleanse.

If constipation occurs during cleaning, you can find additional support by taking an intestinal agent (as Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula), or by consuming senna tea or psyllium husk powder, as directed on the packaging.

Consider a visit to a colon hydrotherapist when finished with 3-day cleanse to refine your results.

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