How To Lose Fat, Boost Metabolism And Increase Energy Levels

How To Lose Fat, Boost Metabolism And Increase Energy Levels
How To Lose Fat, Boost Metabolism And Increase Energy Levels

According to Wikipedia metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms to maintain life. If you speed up your metabolism, you will burn more calories, increase energy levels and slowly replace fat with lean muscle. Use the following steps to increase your metabolism, lose fat and increase energy

Increase Aerobic Exercise

Add aerobic exercise such as fast walking, dancing, skipping, jogging, using the treadmill or elliptical machines and cycling into your daily routine. Try increasing cardio workout of 15-30 minutes each day. If you are starting out, take a 10 minute walk twice a day, and then increase the duration and intensity of the rides as you get more stamina. If you already coach at a certain level of intensity, mix it up. Add to rope, hiking or dance lessons in your regular routine. Aerobic exercise will speed up your metabolism for a few hours after you stop exercising. Use interval training cardio bursts to burn more calories. Make sure you have drinks enough water to keep hydrated. Eight glasses of water a day is usually recommended. You might want to specifically focus on staying hydrated if you are exercising a lot.

Increase your metabolism by eating small meals regularly
Wake metabolism up in the morning with a healthy breakfast. Try eating six portion controlled small meals each day. This will keep the body’s metabolism revved up and prevents you from over-eating because of distress. Over-eating can cause a slight feeling during the day. Try to eat light, healthy, small meals when you feel hungry to speed up a sluggish metabolism.

Reduce Fat and Increase Lean Muscle strength training

Strength training builds muscle mass, which will enable you to burn more fat faster. Muscle burns more calories than the equivalent amount of fat in your body. As you increase your muscle mass, your resting metabolic rate increase. This will enable you to succeed at weight loss and reduce your over all body fat.

Add Metabolism Boosters to diet
Drink green tea and eat spicy foods for a short term metabolism boost. B vitamins can help support metabolism. Focus on a lower calorie diet high in green leafy vegetables and lean protein, and low in white starchy foods, high sugar desserts and salty snacks, and you’ll be on your way to an energized, healthier body. A healthy diet with aerobic exercise and strength training will lead to weight loss, a boost in your metabolism and more energy.

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