How To Conquer Your Cravings For Food

How To Conquer Your Cravings For Food
How To Conquer Your Cravings For Food

Food cravings strike while you are dieting. They are especially annoying at midday and at night while trying to ignore them. They will not go away even, until you take action and do something to get rid of them. Hunger pains are like mosquitoes, they get bigger and bigger, and not leave until you do something drastic to get rid of them. This article tells you who to deal with these annoying dieting hunger pains

You need:. .
Healthy food

Locks on junk food cupboards and drawers.

Celery, cereal.
Training programs.

Activities to keep occupied.



Dieting makes you feel so very hungry. To stem those nasty hunger pains ripping through growling stomach, keeping only healthy foods at home. Get rid of all the junk food. The rest of the family will have to hide litter from your hungry stomach! Eat Shrimp, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hold determined to fight these hunger pains. The best thing you can do diet for a short time. Do not extend it for several months, perhaps only a few weeks. This way you will not feel so deprived as you would for a long time. Stay determined and you will do it!

Keep your stomach full. Drink plenty of water. Drink diet soda and lemon water for flavor. Eat foods that will not add too many calories as celery, dry cereal, carrots, a banana, a small apple. You can nibble on food all day to keep hunger pains at bay. But eating low calorie foods.

Keep busy with activities. Read a book when the hunger pains strike. Nobody said dieting was easy, but you can keep your mind busy. Take a rewarding trip around the neighborhood. Go online and peruse through various clothing website, visualization of clothes you want to buy for the new slim you.

Get out of the house and away from the refrigerator. Get together with friends. Go out to eat and have a delicious salad. Go to a movie with friends, and eat unbuttered popcorn. The idea is to get away from the temptation of all that food at home by doing something different.

Whatever you do, do not look at a Food Network show! Sit down in front of the TV is an invitation to eat. The Food Network will have you drooling. You will want to eat what they do because it looks so GOOD! Do something else-something, just do not turn on them cooking shows

Start a new hobby while dieting. . ! Doing something new and stimulating will have your creative juices flowing. This will get your mind off of food. Join a group activity, such as an exercise class, or creative group. And you can brag to everyone about how much weight you’ve already lost.

Tips and Warnings

Invite people over and have a diet feast with diet food. See what they bring is low calorie and everyone can compare recipes.

Drink green tea with caffeine to keep up your energy and ward off cravings.

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