Good Supplements To Take For Weight Loss

Good Supplements To Take For Weight Loss
Good Supplements To Take For Weight Loss

There are basically two major groups of dietary supplements in weight loss markets: they meant to make you eat less and those who will prevent the calories you eat stick in your body. While the requirements for weight loss industry are many and varied, some supplements live up to the hype and most should be taken after careful consideration

appetite suppressants
Appetite suppressants do exactly what their name implies: you feel fuller so you eat less. Hoodia is the best-known appetite suppressant in the market and is intended to act by affecting the part of the brain that controls satiety. There are no definitive studies available but hoodia is considered safe, and you can try it to see if it works for you. Other appetite suppressants available green tea extract, CLA and land Mallow. Fiber supplements can also be used to control appetite, as they provide a feeling of fullness, thereby reducing the need to eat large portions.

Fat burners and stops
Fat burners are supplements that purport to increase the number of calories burned during normal, day-to-day activities. Fat blockers, however, are meant to prevent the body absorbing fat you ingest in your diet. Fat burners (also marketed as metabolism enhancers) include bitter orange, country mallow, chromium and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), all of which claim to reduce body fat and increase metabolism. Of the three, only CLA recognized by the Mayo Clinic as effective in reducing body fat and increasing muscle. The effectiveness and long-term effects of the others is unknown.

Fat blockers block the absorption of fat, preventing the body from storing excess calories consumed in a given day. Guar gum and chitosan have long been touted as fat blockers, and while no definitive studies exist about their effectiveness, both are relatively safe to consume. Alli, a fat blocker that can be purchased over the counter, is the only FDA-approved weight loss supplement. It works by reducing the absorption of fat from the intestine. Fat blockers have unpleasant side effects, especially when the total amount of fat consumed in a day is excessive. Side effects include cramps, gas with oily spotting, diarrhea and indigestion. Fat blockers are effective when consumed along with a reduced calorie, low fat diet.

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