As Cold Cereals Diabetics Can Eat?

As Cold Cereals Diabetics Can Eat?
As Cold Cereals Diabetics Can Eat?

Diabetics face a dilemma at breakfast because, just like everyone else, they are rushing to get to work or school and do not have time to create the perfect meal for themselves. As the blood sugar is often most sensitive to food after a night of fasting, it is important to have a well-balanced breakfast. Therefore it is important that diabetics know what cereal they can safely eat for those mornings when time is of the essence

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. When looking at carbohydrate breakdown on a nutritional label you’ll see total carbohydrates, dietary fiber and sugar. Dietary fiber is a diabetic as a friend, but sugar is not, then you want a cereal that is high in fiber and low in sugar. Bran and whole grain cereals are good choices, but note ingredients like honey, fructose and corn syrup as these add sugar count in the product.

Serving Size
Also pay attention to the recommended serving size, as some cereals list a half cup, which is actually a small portion. If you are going to invest total carbohydrate and grain allowance in a bowl of cereal you want to make sure that you are not going to go hungry. So check portion sizes and find the lowest total carbohydrates with the largest serving size.

Fruit, Beware!
Most diabetics are warned to stay away from consuming fruit in the morning because of their high doses of natural sugar. Beware of dried fruit, which are notoriously high in sugar.

Diabetics are often encouraged to have a late night or bedtime snacks to help balance out their blood sugar overnight. A study published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition found that cold cereal is good for maintaining blood sugar levels and can even encourage weight loss.

Diabetics are trained to monitor and regulate blood sugar through diet and testing. But before you start any new diet or food plan check with your doctor or nutritionist to ensure that your body does not react poorly to the new food. Also, always carefully monitor blood sugar by incorporating a new food into your diet.

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