Weight Loss Myths And Facts

Weight Loss Myths And Facts
Weight Loss Myths And Facts

Information about weight loss can be conflicting and confusing. Even worse, though, is the many widely believed weight loss myths. This is a formidable obstacle for people trying to lose weight in a sustained and healthy way. Here are some of the most common weight loss myths

Fad Diets Work
There is no good fad diet. . While they often cause weight loss because eating less, the weight comes back as soon as the diet is stopped, often with extra weight. In addition, fad diets are all unhealthy.

Cutting Carbs Works
Low-carb, high-protein diets are fad diets, although they have been popular for many years now. A healthy diet is well balanced, it means inclusive of all food groups, and is not disproportionately heavily on one or two groups.

Cut Out Starch
Starch has a bad reputation among dieters, but they are an important fat source of complex carbohydrates, an important supplier of energy.

Some Foods Burn Fat
Some of the more widely-circulated diet myths these days, especially as part of fad diets is that some foods such as grapefruit, lemon, celery, cinnamon, chili peppers, and cabbage burn fat. While some (such as chili peppers or caffeine) can create a small, short-lived acceleration of metabolism, burns no food actually fat.

Herbal Weight Loss Products Help
Supplements touting themselves as natural or herbal weight loss products are big business. There is no good evidence that these products have some benefits for dieters, and, more importantly, there are serious, legitimate concerns about their safety.

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