Turkey For Weight Loss

Turkey For Weight Loss
Turkey For Weight Loss

Turkey is thought that a diet super food by many because of its combination of “good” fats, protein and leucine content.

Turkey is part of many weight-loss diets, including abs diet, Atkins, South Beach. Diet and standard low-carb and low-fat diets
“Good” Fats

While the concept that some fat is. actually good for you can be difficult to digest, your body needs certain types of fat, such as those found in turkey and other white lean meat. These fats help deliver vitamins in the body and help in the production of testosterone, which facilitates muscle production and raises the metabolic rate. These good fats do not clog arteries and is not associated with heart disease.

Turkey is rich in protein, making it easier to eat less while feeling satisfied. Protein promotes the building of muscles, which helps to increase your metabolism.

Leucine is an amino acid found in protein in Turkey and other lean meats.
This amino acid plays an important role in blood sugar levels and insulin function. It helps you to feel full on smaller amounts of food. It also helps your muscles use glucose that would otherwise be stored as fat.

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