How To Decide Whether A Food Is Good For You

How To Decide Whether A Food Is Good For You
How To Decide Whether A Food Is Good For You

In your local grocery store, you can find a myriad of foods that allow you to just heat and eat. There is no real cooking involved; dump the bag in a frying pan or a crock pot, heat for the desired time period and serve. But is this kind of food good for you and your family? . Yes, it is convenient, but you often do yourself a disservice by using the

You need:.
An ability to read food labels

An understanding of the RDA (recommended daily allowances) of various vitamins, nutrients, fats and proteins.


Download the latest RDI sheets from the FDA (see link below). Today it is FDA use the term RDI instead of RDA.

Pay special attention to fat and sodium levels recommended for each person, by age and sex, in your family.

Learn to read food labels in the store. Many processed foods contain a full days worth of sodium in a single serving. Avoid these foods.

Read the list of ingredients. Avoid foods that the main ingredients are sugar, i. E., Corn syrup, fructose, etc.

Try reading the ingredients high (or even a whisper). If you can not pronounce most of them, so you look at a product made with chemicals, not food.

Tips and Warnings

Learning how to read a food label is not difficult, and should give you the knowledge to know if a prepackaged food is healthy and nutritious or not.

Just because a product is described as “all natural” or “all organic” does not mean that it is not loaded with sugar or sodium. Check these numbers.
occasional use of a quickly finished meal will not hurt, but use them for every meal is not a good idea.

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