Fruit Diet Program

Fruit Diet Program
Fruit Diet Program

The fruit-diet program is an extreme form of a vegan diet. At least 50 percent of the food consumed in this diet program must be fruit. Proponents of fruit-diet program calls itself fruitarians or fructarians. There are many variations in the program, which depend on how strictly people limit the definition of “fruit.” People can choose to follow a fruit diet for health reasons or to reflect a commitment to ethics and the environment
A Moral Diet
Although there are short-term diets based on consumption of large quantities of fruit, the fruit-diet program a way to eat for life. Most fruitarians think it is wrong to cause injury or death to any living thing, including plants. They restrict their diet to fruits, nuts and seeds that fall naturally from a plant. Some fruitarians think they follow the natural and original diet of Adam and Eve. Others believe eating fruit is a holistic program for a healthy planet.
Different definitions of Fruit
The strictest followers of fruit-diet program eat 100 percent of the food in the form of sweet, fleshy fruits. Other fruitarians include nuts and seeds such as fruit. Some broaden the definition of fruit to include grains, and incorporate pasta in their diets. Some proponents of fruit diet watch botany of plants and categorize tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans and peas as fruits. Still others are green, leafy vegetables and / or root vegetables as part of a fruit diet program.
health consequences
Lack of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, calcium and iron, are common in a fruit-diet program. Since vitamin B12 is not present in some fruits, vitamin B12 deficiency expected. Anemia can be a problem. If nuts are included in the diet, protein deficiency is not likely but nut-free diets can lead to malnutrition. The diet is high in sugar, so the symptoms of diabetes or hypoglycemia can be developed. Long-term fruitarians may also develop eating disorders including food cravings and diet fixation
Fruit diets for weight loss
There are many popular diets based on consumption of large amounts of fruits, ranging from juice fasts to 14 -day diets. They can be a great way to “kick-start” a more balanced diet because dieters usually will drop pounds quickly. Proponents of fruit-based weight-loss diets point to the cleansing and detoxifying properties of fruit. These fruit diets incorporate usually extra protein and raw vegetables.
Ideas for Everyday Eating
Most of us do not eat enough fruit. Taking some of the principles of fruit-diet program and incorporate them into our daily diets can be a positive step, even for those not wanting to lose weight. Fruits are a great substitute for high-calorie, fat-laden desserts. It’s nice and healthy for breakfast or as a snack. USDA recommends that adults consume between 1 1 / 2-2 cups of fruit per day.